E broking in India is becoming very famous today. People are also becoming aware about the many benefits of e broking. E broking is nothing but internet broking. Broking is done by brokers. They are usually helpers to people who want to trade in stocks, commodities, futures, options, securities etc. They give advice to these people on what to buy and when. They also counsel on when to sell a particular stock so as to gain maximum profit out of it. They charge a certain percentage of commission out of the gains for their services. Sometimes they themselves trade on behalf of the buyer if the buyer does not have time.

Internet broking in India makes trading process very simple. It is very beneficial and advantageous for people who don't have time but want to invest in stocks. This is because investment and trading is an alternative source of income. It can very lucrative if done properly and by seeing the market conditions every day. Some people depend on trading income almost every day. And brokers are helpful in that. But if you want to hire a broker you have to go and meet him and hire the services. But because of e broking, you can avoid this.