Mutual Funds

The mutual fund industry of India is continuously evolving. Along the way, several industry bodies are also investing towards investor education. Yet, according to a report by Boston Analytics, less than 10% of our households consider mutual funds as an investment avenue. It is still considered as a high-risk option.

In fact, a basic inquiry about the types of mutual funds reveals that these are perhaps one of the most flexible, comprehensive and hassle free modes of investments that can accommodate various types of investor needs.

Various types of mutual funds categories are designed to allow investors to choose a scheme based on the risk they are willing to take, the investable amount, their goals, the investment term, etc.

Which scheme should I invest in?

When it comes to selecting a scheme to invest in, one should look for customized advice. Your best bet are the schemes that provide the right combination of growth, stability and income, keeping your risk appetite in mind.